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Tierra by Xpertvinum

Tierra is Xpertvinums third wineshop, located in Saint-Gilles, Brussels. We sell Spanish wines, unique sherry and palomino wines. The shop is located in the Rue de Savoie 22A, a vibrant neighbourhood, next to the city hall. 
Who are we? 
Xpertvinum is passionate about Spanish wines and sherry. Since 2004 we import directly and independently from the bodegas and wineries in Spain, such as Luis Pérez, Casa Castillo, Fillaboa, Mestres, Costers del Priorat, Can Rafols dels Caus and many more!
We focus on high quality and unique wines with great stories behind them. At the same time we believe good wine doesn’t need to cost a fortune, especially not when it comes to Spanish wine.
With our shop in Saint-Gilles, Brussels we want to share our passion for Spanish wine and sherry with a bigger audience. Tierra by Xpertvinum is not only a point of sale, but also a location where we regularly organize wine tastings and theme days. 


Hanne Dons

+32 484 13 90 21