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J. Martinez Tintilla de Rota | Dessertwijn uit Spanje - tintilla de rota

J. Martinez Tintilla de Rota

El Gato
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100% Tintilla de Rota. This grape is genetically related to the Graciano from Rioja, for example, where it is used to give colour and structure to wine. The grape has adapted to the local microclimate of Rota without losing its most important characteristics: small fruit, dark colour and a very low yield.

The big difference with the terroir of Jerez and Sanlucar is that most of the soils in Rota are sandy. Very poor in organic matter, on which the Tintilla only survives thanks to the impenetrable clay layer under the sand, which holds on to the essential water reserves. As a result, the plant has to let its roots go very deep and furthermore, the Phylloxera grape aphid cannot thrive on sandy soil. Therefore, the Tintilla can still be grown on its original rootstocks.

This wine is made in an unusual way. It is made from Tintilla grapes, which are dried in the sun on reed mats for a few days after harvesting, an eau-de-vie from the wine, and arrope, a must that is reduced to one fifth of its original volume. It is therefore highly concentrated and caramelised.

After the grapes have been macerated, the must and arrope are mixed and worked together. This new must is pressed in January and then stored in wooden barrels for oxidative ageing. Meantime the eau-de-vie is added too. 10-year


Goes well with sweet desserts, and by way of contrast, with blue cheeses (like Roquefort).


Tintilla de Rota
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