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Collection: Bodegas Príncipe de Viana

The name of this bodega is directly associated with a story from the history of the Kingdom of Spain in the fifteenth century. Charles III of Navarre endowed his newborn grandson (also called Charles) with the title of Principe de Viana. After all, he had great hopes that his young grandson would one day accede to the royal throne. However, history chose a different path: after the death of his mother, Charles III's rightful heiress, little Charles was disinherited by his own father and had to flee. A long, disenfranchised journey from Paris through Rome and Naples brought him to Barcelona where he finally died. Since then, the title of Principe de Viana has been a symbol of tradition, continuity and renewal.

The bodega was established in Murchante in 1983 according to these principles, and within thirty years it had grown to one of the most prestigious and renowned in Navarra. Principe de Viana is one of the larger wine businesses, certainly if you compare it to the majority of the bodegas in our range. They even have their own barrel factory, but quality always comes first in all they do.

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