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About us

Xpertvinum is passionate about quality Spanish wines and exclusive sherries. And we want to share this passion. We can introduce you to the very best that Spain has to offer. All for a fair and honest price.

We make a huge effort to offer good quality. And you should take that literally. Xpertvinum visits various bodegas itself, to taste, compare and thoroughly evaluate. But we have no contractual ties anywhere and are under no obligation to buy. We only choose wines that we are really convinced by. 

Good wines and sherries don't have to cost a fortune. We're convinced of that at Xpertvinum. That's why we always go for a balanced price-quality ratio. Therefore we continue to seek out regions and smaller, family producers which combine quality with fair and balanced prices. Of course, we are also engaged with the stories of a generation of ambitious winemakers who value ecology highly, who want to restore lost traditions and who want to tend local, native grape varieties as if they were their own children (which they really are).

Passion and quality are the common threads of the Xpertvinum story. That story began in 2004, when three aficionados with a shared fascination with wine joined forces: Jan Verbruggen, Mil Demessemaekers and Emiel Dons. What started as a hobby ('what we don't sell, we'll drink ourselves' was our motto) grew into a professional import and wine distribution business. Wim Dons then turned wine into his profession and Wim Casteur - a passionate wine fanatic, teacher and authority on the subject of sherry and the new, exceptionally fascinating class of still wines from Jerez - subsequently joined our ranks. Hanne Dons also  joined  our team very recently and Xpertvinum opened a shop in Rijmenam in September 2020. This was followed in January 2021 in Brussels with 'Tierra by Xpertvinum'.