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Karaf Modena 1.3L | Karaf 1,3 liter - jonge rode wijnen

Carafe Modena 1.3 Litre

Xpertvinum bv
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For aerating better quality, still 'young' red wines that could benefit from some extra air to open up their still-closed aromas. As well as complex white wines, like those that have undergone wood ageing, which can benefit from a carafe.

Clean the outside with a soft sponge or brush. Avoid soap and soapy water, and preferably warm water.

For the inside: rinse with hot water. Allow to dry by turning upside down. A handy trick for cleaning the carafe properly: pour a layer of white rice grains into the carafe. Shake well and rinse. For stubborn spots: use the rice grains and some household vinegar. Shake well and rinse until all the odours disappear.