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La Sacristía

There's a lot of wine being sold in the world, needless to tell you that. Therefore, it is not always easy to see the wood for the trees. At Xpertvinum, the unwavering ambition is always to put quality on the first spot. And if possible, we go for surprising and sometimes really unique wines.

For a wine lover, that element of surprise is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating things during the never-ending exploration of good wine. Step outside your comfort zone and be overwhelmed by something that is completely new, unknown or unexpected. Honouring this ambition, we now launch 'La Sacristía'!

ontdek een uniek wijnpakket met spaanse wijnen

What is it exactly that we do? 

Four times a year we put together a box of truly special bottles. A package that gives you an idea of ​​the enormous diversity and the quality of which wine-country Spain is capable of. They are hidden gems. The contents of the packages remain unknown until we deliver it at your home.

You can easily subscribe to La Sacristía. The subscription itself is for free, the price of the package naturally depends on the content. This subscription gives you priority to each following edition.  Given the content, of course, the number of packages is limited. The prices of the wines in La Sacristía are substantially cheaper than any given price on the market later on. That is, if the wine were to be sold on the market at all, which won't always be the case.

A special and limited selection

La Sacristía is a special place in the Spanish bodega. Consider it a holy grail where vintages and one-time bottlings are stored. Old bottles in the sacristy are often only reserved for family members of friends.

The first package therefore remains a surprise until you receive the box, up to you to discover!

This package will contain 5 bottles. You will receive an extensive description of both history and vinification of each bottle. 

How do we compile our Sacristía?

The Sacristía is always about wines that are completely unique in one way or another. Also in terms of quality, just to be clear! We talk to winemakers and owners, explain what we want to achieve with La Sacristía and if we find something exceptional, we just get down on our knees so that we can share our discovery with you wine lovers.

How it works

  • You'd like to ensure your package? Order La Sacristía here on our webshop. You can also order by sending us an email to Your eventual order automatically subscribes you to 'La Sacristía' and ensures a first right of call when the next package is launched.
  • Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us. This can be done by phone (Wim can be reached on 0498 50 50 08), via or stop by in one of our stores. Wim, Jan and Hanne are happy to help you.