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This old wine region is undergoing a complete transformation to modern top quality wines. Modern, fruity wines starring the local Mencia grape are produced from these geographically challenging-to-work vineyards which produce low yields by manual labour alone. Nowadays, and year after year, these are awarded top scores in just about all the wine guides and magazines. Although Bodegas Estefania was started relatively recently, it unites old winegrowers' traditions with the most modern of winemaking techniques. All their red wines are 100% Mencia. A delicious Godello was introduced very recently by way of white wine.



On the way to Santiago de Compostella, halfway between majestic Leon and Galicia, you arrive in the hilly landscape of Bierzo.  Literally at the foot of the Cantabrian mountains. This old wine region is undergoing a complete transformation to make modern top quality wines. Modern and fruity wines are now made from native grapes with a lot of manual labour in these difficult-to-work vineyards with low yields. Some are at altitudes above 1,000 metres. Mencia for red and Godello for white.

El Bierzo, also known as the 'gateway to Galicia' is a fertile plain enclosed on both sides by mountains. The region is probably best known for its mines, as it is the site of a group of villages with quite a bit of industry, but at the same time, it is an ideal wine-growing area. Gentle mountain slopes ascend into strips of pine trees and are protected from Atlantic influences by the mountains. 
In terms of both landscape and wine, this is an area of transition between the Meseta and Galicia, with excellent red varietal Mencía wines and white wines made from Godello grapes grown in neighbouring D.O. Valdeorras. The local grape varieties lend themselves particularly well to making exceptional wines. This has become a very remarkable region through the use of the right winemaking techniques.




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