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Valverán is a cider press house in Sariego, at the heart of the Asturias cider region. The house is the project of the Masaveu family, which comes from this region. 'Sidra de hielo' was made for the first time ever, anywhere on Iberian peninsula, in 2007. This ice cider was made according the example of the famous Canadian ice ciders.

Today Valverán still has the only press used exclusively for ice cider. Eleven different local varieties of apple are grown. The estate consists of 35,000 trees, making it the largest in Asturias. All of the varieties were carefully selected with an eye for the character of the ‘terroir’, the climate and the quality requirements for the cider.

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Valverán sidra de hielo – ice cider 0.375L
Valverán sidra de hielo – ice cider 0.375L - Ijscider uit Asturias, Spanje - appels - Llagares Valverán
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