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Collection: Pago de Cubas

Pago de Cubas is a young, innovative project started by some wine enthusiasts and investors. The bodega itself is located in Valdefinjas, but its vineyards are spread across a number of areas in D.O. Toro. This is how wine expert Rosa Maria Zarza intends to give more complexity and character to the wines. She is an esteemed winemaker who has led projects throughout the whole of Spain, but her roots are in Toro. The first wine was the Incrédulo 2008, only 8,000 bottles of which were made. This was followed by Asterisco two years later. Since then a further 30,000 bottles have been made, divided between both sorts of wine. Meanwhile the bodega has developed a good reputation for making affordable, quality Toros.


D.O. Toro (Province of Zamora) benefits from a reputation for making outstanding, full-bodied, bold wines. This area has a dry, continental climate with temperatures between -13°C and 40°C, at an altitude of about 700 metres, and a sandy topsoil with a deep, clay subsoil. The grape is Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo).

As a historic winemaking area, Toro has made an enormous comeback in the last fifteen years. Its rich, ripe and bold red wines, made from native Tinta de Toro grapes, revealed their potential after a new generation of well-trained winemakers started working here and made much needed investments in stainless steel equipment. Over the last decade steady improvements have been made in harvesting methods.
What makes Toro wine so special – and what has brought it renown since the Middle Ages – is a combination of exceptional boldness, fruitiness, freshness and acidity, as well as the ability to age well.


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