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La Mancha is Spain's largest denomination of origin located at the south of the Castilian meseta, 60 km from Madrid. It occupies 30,700 square kilometres and therefore approximately half of the Province of Castile. The vineyards are located across 182 municipalities: 12 in the district of Albacete, 58 in Ciudad Real, 66 in Cuenca and 46 in Toledo, although some changes are in the pipeline as some areas have not fully updated their registrations.

The strength of the area's winegrowing traditions reflects a series of intrinsic and natural conditions favourable to viticulture that give rise to excellent quality wine. La Mancha is an ideal winemaking region, despite a low yield per hectare, because the quality of the fruit, the ripening cycle, and the health of the vines are all exceptionally good.

The image of La Mancha as an immense plateau with a desert landscape churning out huge quantities of low quality plonk is long gone. Nowadays, these wines have undoubtedly earned their place among the most renowned wines in the world.

Furthermore, La Mancha is the world's largest wine producing region, with a total area of 91,699 hectares of vineyards, an unbelievable amount that means that a large part of all the wine made in Spain is made here.

© Photo: Bodegas Mano a Mano

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