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D.O. Toro is located in the Province of Zamora and enjoys a reputation for producing outstanding, full-bodied and bold wines. This area has a dry, continental climate with temperatures between -13°C and 40°C, an altitude of about 700 metres, and a sandy topsoil with a deep clay subsoil. The grape is Tempranillo (known locally as Tinta del Toro).

As a historic wine region, Toro has made an enormous comeback in the last fifteen years. Its rich, ripe and bold red wines made from native Tinta del Toro grapes, revealed their potential after a new generation of well-trained winemakers started working here and made the necessary investments in stainless steel equipment. Over the last decade there have also been steady improvements in harvesting methods.

What makes red wines from Toro so special and what has made them famous since the Middle Ages, is the combination of exceptional boldness, fruitiness, freshness and acidity, as well as an ability to age well.

© Photo: Sheila Pedraza Burk

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