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Les Sorts Olijfolie Extra Verge 0.5L - Arbequina olijolie uit Montsant, Catalonië - 0,5 liter

Les Sorts Olive Oil Extra Verge 0.5L

Celler Masroig
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100% Arbequina olives, under the umbrella of D.O.P. Siurana (Siurana Protected Designation of Origin). Cold pressing immediately after picking. 0.1% maximum acidity.

Grass green colour. It's aromas point towards the climate and the land on which the trees are planted (Priorat): game fennel, artichokes, green almonds, even hints of apple and tomato. Soft, lightly pungent olive oil with a nice balance.



About the bodega

Celler Masroig in Monsant

Celler Masroig

The bodega was founded in 1917 and is one of the most important wine estates of the area around Priorat. The estates comprise some 500 hectares of vineyard which all belong to the D.O. Monstant. As well as various oliv...