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Ube Carrascal 2016 - Minerale witte wijn uit Jerez, Spanje - palomino fino - Cota 45

Ube Carrascal 2016

Cota 45
terroir wine from Jerez
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73% palomino fino, 16% palomino de Jerez, 11% palomino pelusón. The vines are 110 years old, they were the first grapes in the region to be replanted after the Phylloxera plague. Finca Las Vegas is part of Pago Carrascal, one of the legendary vineyards of Sanlúcar de Barrameda. The soil is albariza lentejuela, the most porous form of albariza, into which the roots of the vines penetrate very deeply.

Spontaneous fermentation of the three grape varieties together in old manzanilla barrels. Ramiro does not use temperature control. The vessels are almost completely filled to limit the formation of flowers as much as possible. After two years of aging, the wine is bottled unfortified, for a total of less than 1000 bottles.

Tasting this Carrascal is a labor of patience. Initially, the saltiness is especially noticeable, with a somewhat medicinal touch and a lot of complexity. After an hour the wine opens completely, some fruit emerges, honey,... the aromas become broader and purer. On the palate, the wine is very expressive, with enormous length and great complexity.

Above all, it is a wine to savor, possibly with some tapas, ...


["Palomino Fino","Palomino de Jerez","Palomino Pelusón"]
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About the bodega

Wijnmaker van Cota 45 die sherry uitschenkt

Cota 45

Cota 45 is the life's work of Ramiro Ibañez, one of the most talented and reputed winemakers of the Jerez region. His aim: restore traditions and allow terroir to express itself to the fullest. Ramiro was born and bred...