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Minerale witte wijn uit Jerez, Spanje - palomino fino - Cota 45

Ube Paganilla 2022

Cota 45
terroir wine from Jerez
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100% Palomino Fino. Pago Paganilla is located 9 km from the Atlantic Ocean. The plots consists of two pieces of land each with a different sort of Albariza: Barajuela and Tosca Cerrada. The pago is characterised by its high percentage of diatoms (fossils). Spontaneous, uncontrolled fermentation in old botas. The wine is then aged for a further eight months in the same botas, under a thin layer of flor for final two months.

Complex white fruit, citrus and roast pineapple aromas. As is always the case with these Ube wines, a saline minerality reigns. Broad taste with a salinity which makes the wine fresh and juicy too (what the Spaniards call sapidez).

Nice with everything from the ocean, olives, anchovies, ...


["Palomino Fino"]
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About the bodega

Wijnmaker van Cota 45 die sherry uitschenkt

Cota 45

Cota 45 is the life's work of Ramiro Ibañez, one of the most talented and reputed winemakers of the Jerez region. His aim: restore traditions and allow terroir to express itself to the fullest. Ramiro was born and bred...