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Cava discovery box

Cava discovery box

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Cava, like Champagne, is made according to the 'méthode traditionelle' where the base wine undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle. The CO2 that this produces mixes into wine to form bubbles. This is the best, but also the most expensive way of making sparkling wine.

This box lets you taste three of the most frequent 'dosages'. A dosage is the amount of sugar added to the Cava after the secondary fermentation and before its final corking. This is carried out with what is known as 'liqueur d'expédition', a mixture of mature wine and sugar syrup:

- Brut: maximum 12 grammes sugar

- Extra Brut: maximum 6 grammes sugar

- Brut Nature: no additional sugar added and a maximum of 3 grammes of residual sugar

This box contains:

Dominio de la Vega Expression Rosado

Dominio de la Vega Intimissimo Extra Brut

Rosell Gallart Reserva Brut Nature