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Food Pairing: the Body and Soul of Sherry

There are lots of stories on this theme. Some are far-fetched, others based on fact, but all of them interesting and educational. There are also hopelessly entrenched ideas: the stubborn dogma that dictates that only red wine should marry cheese, for one. Most engagements are rash!

While for example, white wine has much more to offer with greater potential in this case. As does beer. And sherry, of course. And then, it all depends on the sort of cheese and the character of the wine. Nuance and distinction remain essential.


Naturally, there are a few unbendable rules. Our inner adventurer wants to push back against them. All too often to return from a journey as barren as it was unsavoury. We humbly recall our attempt to match the capers in a tasty Iberico Tonnato with the tannins of an equally delicious red wine ... What overconfidence! It remains one of the trickier and more delicate aspects of our craft. It is preferable to be acquainted with the wine. And at the same time to be fully informed about everything that goes into the dish.

We can't pretend that we find perfection every time. It is a long journey of reading, learning and - happily - of tasting. Which brings us to the bold title above: there are certainties too. One of which is that various sorts of sherry pair wonderfully with a wide range of very different dishes. What's more: they often go perfectly with dishes for which it is difficult to find the right wine. Xpertvinum would like to help you on your way with the following 'matching list'. For you to discover, cook and taste. While we do the same on our side with the greatest of pleasure. Delicious!

Fino: ideal accompaniment to all kinds of tapas, but also Iberian ham, grilled vegetables, calamari. For example Urium Fino Mons En Rama 

Manzanilla: fried prawns, grilled fish, fish casserole, marinated herring/mussels, sushi, spicy Asian dishes. For example La Callejuela Manzanilla Origen or La Sacrista AB

Amontillado: vegetables such as asparagus, artichokes, sprouts and other sorts of robustly flavoured cabbage. Soups and broths. White meats. Mature, hard cheeses. For example La Casilla Amontillado or Amontillado Fossi.

Palo Cortado: the most complete accompaniment to entire meals, excellent with: ham, nuts, crustaceans and shellfish, chocolate praline, ... It's also surprisingly delicious as an after dinner drink, instead of cognac, calvados or whisky, whether or not you accompany it with a Cuban cigar. For example Urium Palo Cortado Clasico.

Oloroso: red meat and meat in jelly like calf's tongue or pork cheeks. Game. Tuna. Mature cheeses. For example El Cerro Oloroso, 1730 Oloroso or Castillo de Guzman Oloroso.

Cream: as an aperitif with an ice cube and a slice of orange. Delicious with fruit : melon, strawberries and oranges. Also with ice cream, any sort of cake, soft blue cheese and foie gras. For example Juan Pinero Cream Viejo or Urium Dark Cream Clasico.

Pedro Ximénez: with ice cream, dark chocolate, citrus desserts, blue cheeses like Cabrales or Rocquefort. On its own as a dessert in itself! For example La Callejuela PX or Urium PX Clasico.

Moscatel: soft blue cheeses, milk chocolate, ice cream. For example Moscatel Los Cuartillos.